Sunday, December 21, 2008

podcast180 podcastpaul It's Christmas!

Download MP3 direct from here podcast 180.

Fantastic music from:

Benet McLean
Paul Rose and Dave Rudbarg
Dynamo's Rhythm Aces
Roxy Perry

Thanks to my lovely listeners: Clinton Gaille (Wellington, NZ) and Laurel Meadows (Boise, USA)

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Happy Christmas and God Bless!

...and, I've been recording podcasts for 4 years on 30th December 2008 !

1 comment:

Tiggr said...

Another great show. Can you edit your notes to show who did which songs? I loved the Joy to the World, and one other one, and cant find them, grrrr.

I was looking at the website while listening, and actually read my name seconds before hearing it... you are too kind, but it's still fun to hear!!!