Sunday, September 07, 2008

call for help please

Just a couple of quick calls for help please:

1. Could folks please send a quick mp3 - " hi this is ...... and you're listening to podcastpaul dot com"

2. Do people want me to turn off the auto playing mp3 player when they land on the site?



Anonymous said...

re. #2: yes, auto-play flash movies/tunes are as annoying as hell except if they are the prime focus page (so it's convenient for a page to have an autoplay movie on the one page concerning that movie, I don't think they have autoplay anywhere else...)

Parkylondon said...

Hi Paul - MP3 on it's way.

Re autoplay - I think it would be good to turn off the autoplay - especially as the actual player is quite a way down the page! Cheers


Anonymous said...

autoplay be gone.

podcastpaul said...

The player has gone...!