Friday, September 12, 2008

BBC following the contents of a cargo box

It sounds terribly dull doesn't it? I find it fascinating.

The BBC have bolted a GPS transmitter to a cargo box that they're tracking. You can see it at this link here

The container will be tracked and filmed over the course of the next year to look at globalization and international trade. I find it strangely compelling to look every day at what the container is holding and where it is.

At the time of this post I can see that the container is in Abbotsinch Retail Park off Renfrew Rd in Paisley, Scotland with a consignment of whisky, having started the journey from Southampton, Southern England a few days ago.

I've bookmarked the page and will be interested to see events unfold over the next year.


update: this link here


colin harman said...

and now the whisky is in ireland where no doubt they will have "good crack"

podcastpaul said...

Saw that Colin, it's back on the South coast again now.

Colin said...

lol so much for a global journey

colin said...

its heading my way, thailand so far