Sunday, July 11, 2010

podcastpaul podcast no.195 11 July 2010

Podcastpaul - podcast no 195 is here - Download the MP3 at this link Sorry it's taken so long.

Great to be back on the mic again - as per normal the usual banter and indie tunes.

Music from Matthew Ebel, Echoes De Luxe and Omar Alexander / Soulare.


Does anyone have an iPhone4 ? Can they review it? Is it any good?
Tell me about your favourite iPhone Apps!

Great chatting to you!

twitter @paulnicholls and @nichollsbrimble

all music courtesy of from Mevio.


colin said...

congrats and good luck on your own business

Podcast Bob said...

Hey welcome to the world of self employment, hope it all works out. I'm still going strong too you know, just over 300 now and counting. Don't forget to call in again for a cuppa next time you're in Malvern ;-) Cheers Bob