Sunday, March 28, 2010

podcast194 - here at last!

Download the podcast from here directly. podcast 194 in mp3 format.

My apologies for keeping you all waiting so long!

Lots of chat and music - all bundled up in a small mp3 package.


Great to speak to you all again


Alex Fenson said...

Hi Paul great to have you back!!! I stay subscribed to your podcast all the time and yes... I'm still listening and subscribed! And yes, I'm still podcasting too.

I totally know what you mean about life taking over sometimes and I often feel the need to unplug too. Off-line life is more tangible and needs more maintenance than on-life at times LOL

Once again great to have you back and I LOVED the music in show 194 - are all the tracks podsafe as I'd love to include these tracks on my own show and also credit you with where I first heard these tracks.

Also happy to link up on Facebook but I won't plug my facebook page here and you already have my email address :-)


Kind regards


podcastpaul said...

Al !!! Hey mate, so sorry I didn't see your comment 'til just now. All podsafe mate.

Thanks so much for your message.

There's a new podcasst up now.

See you anon