Monday, November 09, 2009

how to update your blog without any typing using DragonDictate Naturally Speaking 10

I purchased the DragonDictate speech recognition software at the weekend.

The programme was quite pricey at £90, but I had seen it in action and was very impressed with it. I had the opportunity to sit with a district judge who was using the program in between court sittings. The judge was producing his own orders using the speech recognition programme, the accuracy was incredible and the results instantaneous. Usually a solicitor will wait for anything up to 6 weeks a time for an order. The district judge was handing them out within minutes of pronouncing judgement. I could see the real benefit of the application and decide to purchase it at the first opportunity.

The packaging tells me that the software is 99% accurate - I think it is probably more accurate than that and I'm astonished at how good it is. I am making this post with the application and so far the accuracy is running at 100%.

What is a bit of a bind is the fact that the software will only run on one computer at a time, I suppose that's fair enough, but I would like to run the package on a number of computers that I own. You can purchase a license, I imagine that that would be quite pricey though.

Installation would have been very simple, in fact, it was, but my little Advent net book did not want to play ball. The net book had been shipped with a faulty audio driver (Realtek), I replaced the audio driver and everything thereafter seemed to work as sweet as a nut.

I would urge anybody interested in the speech recognition application for Windows to purchase DragonDictate Naturally Speaking 10. If you do a fair amount of typing, I imagine that this programme will save a massive amount of time and be an invaluable resource. I am surprised that the application does not appear to have reached a wider audience, maybe the pricetag still makes the average punter blanche? To be fair, I would not have purchased the application if I had not seen it in operation.

I would be interested to hear and anybody else who uses a speech recognition programme to canvass their views. Please feel free to use the comments box below.

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