Saturday, November 21, 2009

faith musing.

I don't tend to talk very much about my faith on my blog, that is certainly not something that I omit from choice, my head is usually so full of stuff, the thing that is foremost in my mind usually tends to spill out.

Talking to a work colleague who is also a Christian earlier today brought into sharp focus the fact that life, as precious as it is, is really so transitory. We really are here for just a moment in the scheme of things, and if were lucky we may leave a mark or memory that is of some positive benefit. I expect that most of us we will have our "three score years and ten" plus or minus some years and probably vanish into the ether leaving a memory only with our friends and family that will fade like the momentary mark made by breath on a mirror.

I certainly do not wish to sound maudlin, but if you simply believe we're here by chance, stay for such a short while and then simply decay, what would the purpose of all that be? That’s not only a let –down, it’s just seems so pointless.

I can already hear the opposition view now "…There is nothing else, you make the very best of what you have and that's it, religion is simply a crutch to rest a hope upon".

I’m happy and established enough in my faith to knock that old chestnut back. I feel that I have hope that is actually worth living. Without it, I would look towards the end of the game that I’m now over haklf way through and just see hopelessness.

To live the life of a ‘real’ Christian, not just some nominal title given because of birthright or baptism, is to know real hope and to look forward, rather than put the inevitable to the back of one's mind. I am so very mindful of the fact that I am one of 6 billion and not likely to make too much of an impression to the world at large. I am, however, becoming ever more conscious of the fact that I can make a difference to the few people around me who I interact with.

Even if you're not a believer, the Christian code and ethnic is one we should all try to live to. Resentment, anger, bitterness are good to no one. Charity, love and hope are so much more fulfilling qualities. If we are here for such a short period of time in the scheme of things, why not try to make your stay a happy one?

... and if you really think that life is not worth living, or wonder what the point of everything is, why not try an Alpha course at your local church? Walking into a church with your brains, retaining them and asking some sensible questions to make up your own mind is far better than some impassioned radical shouting Bible Scriptures at you. If it's not for you, fair enough, at least you've tried. If you’ve not tried it, you’ve no real basis to reason why it’s not for you.

Best of luck!



Parkylondon said...

Hi Paul.

We have a lot in common, we are very similar in so many ways. Janet remarked on that at your party last year. Scarily so...

However, one area we will never see eye to eye on is religion. I'm an atheist and have been for many years.

I would like to add to your post by saying that much of it is spot on (except the God stuff obv.)

Being an atheist I have no god(s) to rely on for my moral compass.

Instead, I try to live my life under the Golden Rule. It's an ancient and multi-national, multi-faith mantra which applies in every situation you can think of.

"Do As You Would Be Done By".

It's an earlier version of the passage in Luke "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You." It's been around for millennia in various guises but was most famously adopted by Christians.

[I would insert a pithy atheist witticism here but it's too early and James is hassling me to take him up to the dry slope for an early morning shred]

Hope you and yours are well - be good to catch up real soon.

colin harman said...

agh the old can of worms post, life what are we here for, well in the 27 years ive been here i havnt found out and ill probably not find out and i guess the question is do i want to find out... not at the moment but who knows whats in the future, i dont personally believe in anything else greater out there but one thing your podcast and blog has given me is seeds for the grass, i might not act or even agree but i could plant them one day, the shopping and paying for an old man shopping stuck in my mind more than some old rubbish i learnt in school sooo seeds...

thanks for your words, keep them coming.

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