Monday, March 23, 2009

Space - the final frontier?

In space, apparently no one can hear you scream. I find that when I have space, I don't want to.

I'm doing a very unusual thing right now as I type: taking a break at lunch time. Doing something apart from work. As much as I enjoy my work, I find it becomes less enjoyable - and productive if I don't break the day up with a lunch break. When I have a break, I stay much more focused.

I naturally seem to gather clutter. I hoard files around me. Don't get me wrong, I know where everything is. At home, I'm surrounded by my Macbook, phone, Blackberry, iPod Touch, Camera, and virtually every conceivable wire and cable known to man - I've also a collection, usually of two or three cups and glasses. Why do I do that?

The whole concept of space - staying away from clutter is something I'm trying to action. My life is also full of clutter. This time last year I was studying part time in the evenings, trustee of a church leadership, Chair of Governors, trying to write a novel, musician, dad of four, husband.... the list just goes on and on. Clutter.

Over the last month or so, I've been waking at around 2 or 3 am with my mind buzzing about....everything, with the resultant effect that I can't get back to sleep for hours, drop off around 4.30am and then wake absolutely frazzled in time to drive 30 miles into work - usually around rush hour.

So the cull begins. It strikes me that whatever I do, my family comes first. I spend far too much time (ironically) on the internet - and every other space of time is crammed with...stuff.

I spoke to Sue about clearing ...physical stuff from our home. Again, we seem to hold on to...stuff... and when you analyze why you keep hold of lots of things, there's no other reason than not just throwing it away.

At the weekend I'm ordering a skip. I'm going to take great delight in culling 'stuff' t get some empty space. I'm sadly giving up some of my extra curricular activities too. It's a case of having to.

If I don't get space in all areas of life, just about everyone may hear me scream...


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Alex said...

Hi Paul. Lady Wife and I had a major re-decor and chucked a mahoosive load of stuff out... it's hard to describe, but the feeling of "freedom" that comes from doing that really is worth it... Feng Shui... energy... who knows... but it really works! :-)