Sunday, March 08, 2009


Download the MP3 from here

Yes - another podcast created to tickle your lug 'oles.

This is the recording of a ustream broadcast I did with some willing victims, er... volunteers I rustled up from a quick shout out, so thanks to Darren, Laurel, Paul, Peter, Rowley, Geoff, Linda and everyone else I've forgotten to mention.

Some ace music from

Rinaldi sings
Gramercy Arms
3 Blind mice
Jeremy Carr
Hollow Horse

We also talk about Ghosts and stuff!!

There's also a Juke Pod Jury moment when we play a completely random track - from the Hollyfields ....and I mistakenly cut them off in my time. Bizarre as their track is called 'Bad Timing..."




colin h said...

hi paul, nice podcast, could you next time post about an upcoming event on ustream? we could see how many we could get online and then call it podcastall ;)

podcastpaul said...

brilliant! Done!