Saturday, February 28, 2009

Count your blessings.

I think I've mentioned this before. When I take stock and sit and think things through, I feel privileged and, although it's an old fashioned word with religious overtones, 'blessed'.

My family is becoming more important to me as I tread the path towards the finish line. If I'm lucky, I'm about half way round the course now, or, perhaps, more realistically, four sevenths complete should the 'three score years and ten' be an accurate prediction. Even if I were to be taken from the track before the average finishing time, I can honestly say that I am still very happy.

As much as I can complain about the level of increasing crime, look at the high levels of family breakdown and see the impact of the global credit crisis, I could do far worse than live in the western world in comparative comfort to many others around the world.

Newspapers and TV headlines are full of doom and gloom, but I live in a place where I can say pretty much what I want without fear of harm, hold the religious beliefs I do with a level of (albeit eroding) protection and still have opportunities available to me if I work hard enough, despite the class system that is still in operation here today.

Often I do feel I should stand up and shout about something I feel passionate enough to believe in, but, when I sit still and the shouting is over, I am at a place where I should really count my blessings, and I'm pleased I am.

When you lose something you once had, it's very easy to only then realise how much you took things for granted. I'm glad to think that today, I was about to sit still enough to consider the things I have, and realise how fortunate I really am.

Before now, I've had a few people snigger cynically at the stuff I've posted on here - we both know who you are, and I can't be bothered to post things cryptically so as not to feel I can't say things without being spied on. Quite frankly, I couldn't care less, snigger away, I'll just smile, roll my eyes and disregard you. If you don't experience the (possibly temporary) warmth I feel at the moment, I pity you. I also wonder why you keep revisiting my site? If you're posting a link or emailing snide comments around (and if you are, be careful I'm not including on the email link - check carefully), think why you're doing that. If you don't value or understand the experiences I've blogged, I feel desperately sorry that you have such a shallow life. I hope I'm wrong.

Life is for living. I don't want to miss experiences under my nose now, only to have memories of 'if only' when it's too late. There's real merit in the phrase 'sieze the day'.

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