Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I've woken up really tired today. I'm working from home and this afternoon will start the cumbersome, tiresome and tiring revision for exams next week. I've just three left; 10th, 13th and 19th June.

Yesterday lunchtime I went to the gym and swam. I haven't done that in an age. I really enjoyed it, but felt bushed around 8pm.

I think I'm going to try really hard to get to bed earlier, get up earlier and see if I can get to the gym before work. Even as I type, I know that this is a fated plan.. how do you keep motivated? It strikes me that I've kept up 4 gruelling years of uni - thre hour lectures twice weekly at the scabby campus in North Birmingham after a full days work. So how hard, in comparison is getting up a litle earlier and doing something I actually enjoy?

I can't work it out. Any answers? Does anyone who reads this actually have a gym regime? Are you able to keep the exercise up?


Anonymous said...

I find doing exercise (cycling in my case) is a good excuse to listen to podcasts and audio books. To find out what happens next is a good motivator

James Hector

Brennig said...

I do 15-20 minutes of floor-work (situps, squats and pushups) every morning - about 05.00 weekdays or whenever I can be bothered weekends. I ride most evenings, up to an hour of schooling, and walk three miles a day without fail.

Completely fail to understand why my middle carries more than it used to!

podcastpaul said...

Thanks for your comments (and emails) folks.

Listening to podcasts is certainly a motivating factorm - it takes away from the boredom.... unless of course you're swimming.

Brennig, you're just too fit mate!