Monday, April 21, 2008

The wind from the sails has gone...

Well, it has temporarily.

Sue and I were burgled for the fourth or fifth time (I've lost count) last Tuesday morning while we slept.

The heartless individual(s) who did this took Harry and Jack's computer consoles and games apart from the camcorder, laptop, camera, sat nav and goodness knows what else.

The scum that did this turned the place over going through drawers, files and papers.

My podcasting software and mp3's have all gone including the draft of the novel that I had spent hours and hours writing. No, you guessed correctly, I didn't back the files up.

How can people be so hateful?

I am trying to muster up the energy to record again, but without a laptop or the software it all just seems too much trouble.

I'm sure I'll get the sails up again, at the moment I just can't seem to gather any energy I'm afraid.


Daz said...


So sorry to hear this.

If I may ask, how are the little b****rds getting in?

Brennig said...

Holy bloody hell this is awful.

My wife and I sit here stunned at your misfortune.

podcastpaul said...

Thanks both for your comments.

They actually kicked the back door panel in believe it or not.

Unbelievably I had my wallet taken in Birmingham the week before.

They say it never rains but pours, aint that the truth!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul - Just found out about the bad news. I can't imagine how you feel. Even if your insured you can't get back things like pictures and work etc. The thing that must grate is that someone has invaded your home. Take care mate, you will pull through - get a bloody decent alarm system or a big dog!


Parkylondon said...

Oh Paul. It never rains but it pours indeed. If there's anything I can do you know what to do: pick up the phone. I'll do what I can to help. Bounce back old friend. Bounce back.

Much love to Sue and the family.

Adrian Pegg said...

Paul - we were so so sorry to hear this, we can only be thankful that you, Sue and the family emerged unscathed.

I know you will ensure the police will doing their bit and catch these bastards.

Love to all