Friday, April 25, 2008


My faith in society ever weakens.

We were burgled again last night. This is getting behind a joke. Is this the fifth or sixth time now?

Fortunately, or not as you look at it,because I'm now incredibly paranoid and not sleeping at all, I think I caught the scum in the act and they legged it, either that or they'd gone empty handed. They had gone through Sue's car like the vile filthy parasites that they are, turning everything over in the hope they could find something. I think they were after the sat nav for the third (or fourth, I've lost count now) time.

I'm confident that the diseased vermin will get what's coming to them. What comes around goes around.

I'm not letting the scum upset me, I'm past that. To show any emotion towards them means they've won. I'm completely indifferent to them. Indifference conveys the utter contempt and hatred they deserve.

I really do believe that it's the same people. To scrape to the gutter level of going through anothers belongings is just as base as you can go. You cannot have any social skill to take from another, particularly not even having the decency to leave them be after dumping on them previously.

I would say I almost feel sorry for them, but I can't be bothered to feel anything towards something so inhuman.


Parkylondon said...

Paul. I am so sorry to hear this. I can't beleive it's happened again so soon after the last time. I certainly do hope that these animals get what's coming to them. Don't forget you've got a huge support network out here to help you through this. Love to Sue and the family at this terrible time.

Brennig said...

Pretty much wot he sed.

I've never been burgled so I can't begin to imagine how you must feel after so many times.

But yes, thinking of you.

Adrian Pegg said...

Oh Paul this is ridiculous. Maybe they cam back for the stuff you had replaced ...

AC thinks it was Parky who was burgled btw, in case you haven't heard DSC750

Parkylondon said...

@Adrian - I spoke to Paul earlier about that and have called Adam's voicemail line to correct it.

What happened was I "shared" Paul's post in my GoogleReader feed which feeds into Twitter on a random basis. So the post looked like it came from me even though it didn't (blush)


tinnion said...

sorry to hear that you have been targetted again Paul. I have had stuff stolen before and I know how that feels but these things were stolen from public places and not from my home so I can imagine that feeling 10 xs worse. I am thankful that you and your family come out of these things without any direct confrontation with theives because who knows where that can lead.

take care.


Rowley said...

the little shits. sometimes I think that the muslim way of dealing with thieves is right - take their left hand the first time, the other one the next time they are caught.