Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Studies, footie v rugby, London and Madeleine.

I started back at Uni for my final year studies at postgrad. At the end of this stint, I'll have studied law for 12 years in total, 8 when I first qualified and 4 at the end of June '08. I'm studying 6 -9 twice a week, and there three days full time this week.

I've blogged about this before, but it's so much easier - and more difficult at the same time - studying when you're a bit older. I'm creeping towards my 40th in mid- December.

I find that I'm so much more conscientious this time around. I'll do the prep, do the reading, take part and listen hard during lectures. It's more difficult by virtue of the fact that I've such a demanding job, have four kids I want to make sure I have the time for, and the other stuff I do, Church, Governors, blogging, podcasting, etc etc....

I'm in London next week for three nights staying in central London and studying to become an accredited mediator at the Strand - something I'm hoping will add to the CV and hopefully become another income stream both for work and additionally for me personally, particularly out of hours. I'll take the Edirol and lap top as I've tons of mixing to do - and some shows to produce.

Yet, I'd still swap the lot to live in Swaziland and help in some way at the project. It's so difficult with the kids studies. Maybe I could look at transferring to become a Swazi lawyer later in my career?

I'm typing the blog as Owen has scored his second goal against Russia. As much as I feel I ought to watch the football, it just isn't rugby.... I think I'm enjoying it, but I'm flitting between the TV and the laptop. I'm riveted when I watch England play rugger. There's just no contest between the sports for me. I know so little about football, but I do know that Heskey shouldn't be on the pitch, he's useless!

The McCann coverage continues. I cannot help but feel so desperately sorry for the McCann's. I just canot believe they had anything to do with Maddies disappearance. I imagine they forever rue the day they were so lax in leaving their children unattended. I fear that the investigation will take a sinister turn for the worst eventually. I can't help but feel that Madeleine was watched and handpicked. Knowing the cost of legals, I cannot but imagine the financial hardship they might face. I wish there was a fund to donate legal costs to, rather than the missing fund. The McCanns must be living through a hellish nightmare at present.

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Anonymous said...

Stick to rugby fella - Heskey has been outstanding for both games confirmed by the media and football pundits. English rugby is crap at the mo - go boks!