Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm at home today and really pleased with the amount of stuff I've done.

The supply of tea has been virtually intravenous, and I haven't been distracted by the trappings of home in any way - the TV has stayed off, the computer, just like work has been on, but has been an aid rather than a hindrance.

I really enjoy working from home. The tranquil peace and fact I've not had to endure the turgid 60 mile round trip has been something of a blessing too.

I'm off in a short while to see an old pal and client of mine in a couple of hours. I'll catch up with him, do the work I need to there, have another cuppa and then set back to wind down for the day.

I need a haircut - I'm beginning to look like a cross between David Haselhoff and an onion. hmmph.

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ChasCreek said...

hmmm, I'm not sure that looking like David Haselhoff was good even when he was popular with Kit, now - it's positively frightening. Get to that barbers!