Wednesday, April 18, 2007

podcast paul podcast 156

Download the MP3 Podcastpaul 156 right here

Podcast Paul podcast 156 - oops - did I say 155?
3 Blind Mice - Dead Penguin - eh?! (PMN)
A big shout out to Rose and Bob - Back Packing light
I love my Caravan!!
Can you name my caravan?
so many switches - a real big boys toy - but blimey is it heavy!
Most awful thing about camping
Mike O'Hara - Searching for truth (PMN)
Demolition! (I love it !)
Can you send me any audio tracks?
Accents! How many can we get?
Are there differences in other countries?
Karmy Tyler - The Middle Man (PMN)
Podcast Nation - Let's Rock
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Mike O'Hara said...

Hiya Paul

Thanks for playing my track, mate!

Love that clip of the Irish lassie btw, had me laughing out loud!


Mike O

podcastpaul said...

No probs Mike - loved the track!

Parkylondon said...

I could have had so much fund with this. I even spent a few minutes coming up with names but thought better of it.

Caravans. They're just towable fridges. Even the model names set the old gag reflex off: Vogue... Aventura... Adiva... Dart.. DART! If there's one thing a caravan can't do is dart... Happy camping mate!