Thursday, October 13, 2005

The great John Peel remembered by .....erm...who?

What a hero. I didn't even know it as a kid - I'd listen to John Peel with a real quizzical expression. I knew i liked him, but not why.

I mentioned before in my podcast that John would play a gospel country quintet back to back with a thrash metal punk band and some African music thrown in.... erm...cough.. sounds a little bit like what I'm experimenting with now.. I don't ever imagine I have anything like Mr Peel's great wit, presentation and dead pan humour, but I do know I really appreciate him now it's too late.

Radio 1 are devoting their schedule to him from 7pm through to 1am... but (and here's the real reason Peel was so special ) I don't know anyone at all from the schedule do you?

Live at Radio 1 HQ
7-9pm - Colin & Edith
9-11pm - Jo Whiley & Steve Lamacq
11-1am - Rob da Bank & Annie Mac

Some of the British podcasters are putting on shows - I know I'll be listening to Rowley at DarkCompass.Com who I think I christened a while back the 'John peel of Podcasting for his eclectic style of music in particular... I still think he's a cross between David Brent of the office and John Peel - I have a lot of time for Rowley as he's been a good mate to me, giving lots of technical help right at the outset in late 2004 right up to date.

I've been listening to Rowley for nearly a year now... those blinking train announcements!

Anyway, back on track now, and to John Peel day and radio 1. I'm sorry, but if someone told me their name was "Rob da Bank" I'd shake my head, roll my eyes and switch over. Maybe I'm too grown up now? Where are the big personalities in the schedules of yesterday that really drew a crowd? Tommy Vance, Bob Harris, Simon Mayo are names that forever stick in my my mind. True, some of them are still around - some not.

Horses for courses I guess, Peel was such a big personality, everyone in the UK knew him, he's definitely missed. I can't say I'll miss any of the above as I've never heard of them - is that the state of Radio 1 these days or have I just moved on?

Maybe it's the sign of the times that I know the podcasters far better than the big Radio 1 personalities.


Nodding Dog said...

Hi Paul,

It's Darren from the Ellie Myles project. I want to email you another track if you don't mind, but I've lost your address.

mail me at and I'll get it off to you.


podcastpaul said...

Hi Darren, got your mail - love the track, thanks!

I will be playing the track in my next podcast - cheers.


Good Bud said...

Good Blog. well done. all the best