Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Comments

Here we go again, the next round of American politics. Stand by and wait for months and months of political analysis of why McCain has brought in Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Floating around the web I came across some sites and blogs including one that read "As A woman I'm offended". Perlease.

The site link is here

my comments on the site reads as follows:

I think it's great!

Here in Central England, we're bombarded with American politics on our news bulletins.

Quite frankly I'm sick to death of hearing about the American Primaries, so it's nice to see some eye candy, and she seems to be a nice ordinary mum to boot, about time someone ordinary got in rather than some wrinkled crone spouting platitudes and gathering stories for a multi-million pound autobiography after the next scandal.

We had Thatcher here, and we have the Queen, God bless her (stands to attention and sings the national anthem). I wouldn't get on the phone to Liz and tell her that we're patronising her, because of her gender.I'd be impaled by the steel implements of a dozen Beefeaters and have more than half of the population demanding to string me up.

I've licked the back of stamps for 40 years with the Queens head on, and it's not done me any bad at all. We're not afraid here of putting women in power, why are you?

I have to say that I do find your political system rather odd though. Here in the UK, we announce we're having an election, we put up with some dreary nonsense for around two to three weeks, we vote, and get it over and done with. There's little or no razmataz, we vote and move on. No kids tumbling, no brass bands. Politics here is a little like taking refuse to the council tip, though less enjoyable. If people whooped and hollered at a council by-election, they would be committed, or be clubbed to death, or, even worse, be stared at in a very menacing way and ignored by everyone at Asda.

We've had politics for a thousand years, it's become functional and a necessary evil - a little like using the loo.

England's voting system is very much like my buying a pair of shoes. I get the job done because I'm bored of shopping. I go to a shoe shop, ask for a pair of size 11 shoes, I try them on, buy them and go home. Job done. I've had to endure shopping for 9 minutes, nasty business that it is.

American politics reminds me a bit of my wife shopping for shoes. She goes to the shoe shop, picks up a pair of shoes, looks at baby clothes (my kids are teenagers), wanders over to look at Boots, wanders around a perfume shop, goes back to look at the first pair of shoes, tries to find them cheaper at 6 other shoe shops, wanders around a chemists, looks at wigs (honestly, I'm not kidding), goes to a toy store, back to the chemists, goes home, goes back to the shoe shop, comes home with the shoes, a dozen photo frames from Poundland, Christmas cards (in August) and dozens of other bags then takes them back the next week. Get my gist?

Wheel her on I say!


Anonymous said...

Never mind the US Primaries, (although Obama gets my vote, and I couldn't care less about McCain quite frankly) I despair for our own elections in a years time.
All young and well educated politicians, but certainly not graduates from the University of Life.
Who of these have held down real jobs, not counting being research assistant in Westminster?
Where is their passion for change, their empathy for the real issues? There is none I can see. A fuzzy picture and lots of white noise thinly veiled as articulate responses to what the ordinary person is saying, is all we get.
Careerists, chancers and yes people seem to be what's on offer at the moment. Our choices are not looking good.

elpelso said...

Amen, Paul ! Really well written and thought out commentary on the American sales show that is the elections over there...

Anonymous said...

Actually I look at baby clothes as presents!, and SIX shoe shops, don't exagerrate! There's only 4 in Northfield!! xx

Anonymous said...

And yes I do know how to spell exaggerate! I just don't know how to edit a post!! S x

Gav said...

American politics scares the life out of me its so partisan, especially the republicans with their "god and guns" approach to everything, these guys really live up to the name "American Taliban"; care for the environment? your a commie, think "shoot first ask later" isn't a way to go about life? your a fag!

Lets hope Obama gets in (although the democrats arent much better!)