Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why I love England.

There's loads I could moan about in England, particularly the cost of living. Petrol, or gas to my non-British friends, at £4 / $8 a gallon and the average house costing £1/4 million / $ 1/2 million doesn't bode well. Don't even let me get started about the cost of housing in London.

The old Big Mac test is a shocker too (about £2 / $4 for a single Big mac) and a pair of Levi 501's at £45 / $90.

40% tax and masses of hidden stealth charges reduce every income on this tiny island populated by a staggering number of immigrants clammering to get in, and many natives desperate to get out.

All the woes seem, well, woeful, yet you don't have to look far for beauty. I walked just a few moments by the stream that runs near to my office in Kenilworth and into St Nicholas Church, a beautiful ancient church near Abbey fields, Kenilworth.

I kicked myself at not having my camera handy so took a few shots with my camera - the shots aren't great at all, by any measure, but it was such a beautiful day and the sanctuary so beautiful and calm.

You can take things of beauty so easily for granted, yet there aren't many buildings nearly a thousand years old around.

The remains of the priory from the 12th century are in the grounds of St Nicks. It was also fascinating to read a list of the vicars from 1300. From "Henry of Ladbrooke" through to "Roger of Birmingham" and beyond, I began to imagine those very people stood at the spot where I stood, just inside the beautiful entrance.

There's lots of things happening in my country I'm concerned about, yet lots remain I am so proud of. I really do love England and I'm fiercly proud of my wonderful heritage. I wish more folks felt that way. I'm finding that I'm forever taking time to stop and look at things around me more often now.
Maybe I'm just maturing, maybe it's just my age.......


ChasCreek said...

Probably is your age Paul.... it is the same here the older I get the more I seem to appreciate this country of ours and it's heritage.

Native search said...

The English are savages who torture the Irish for fun. I HATE England!

Native search said...

I hate the English! Your a bunch of sheep shaggers and you eat a lot of leeks! St. Patrick slayed the King!

Native search said...


Native search said...

Ireland rules! The best pub was Irish you know, not British. So screw Britain, go Ireland!