Sunday, September 17, 2006

podcastpaul podcast130 - I'm sick to death of muslim extremists!

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Podcastpaul podcast 130
Hello from Paul
I hate muslim extremists!
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Anonymous said...

What sort of fanatic would blow other people up? Let's have a look at what has been going on in your own christian backyard. Ireland anyone?? Don't be ridiculous. You are propagating a lie that plays right into the hands of those protestant fundamentalists who want to keep the war on terror going....

Gimme a break!
Regards, your friend SWB

Grant - Three From Leith said...


Islam isn't a religion of hate - it's a religion of peace. It's the twisted individuals who twist it to suit their own murderous hatred, just as Christian extremists twist Christianity to suit their own ends.

Look at all those pro-life Christians who murder those seeking to or having had abortions in the US....

Just my thoughts on the matter.



podcastpaul said...

agreed both of you - fundamentalism to the extreme of twisted hatred is just plain wrong.

It's the pussy footing around with these idiots that gets me mad.

SWB said...


Over the past two years we've enjoyed a great friendship through this wonderful thing called podcasting. However, at this particular moment in time I don't feel like I want to be associated with you in any way, much less in the capacity of "friend". You say that "fundamentalism to the extreme of twisted hatred" is wrong. However, you have shown just that in the (in my view) ignorant and careless statements you made in episode #130. This is not about "pussy-footing", this is about tagging an entire group of the world's population and dismissing them based on religion. If that is not racism, it's at the very least discrimination and I won't stand for it.

"The muslims answer everything with violence"

"I am sick to death of them"

"Stand up and be counted"

"I hate that religion"

"I am sick to blooming death of the whole lot"

You are about as extremist in your views as the group of people you suposedly revolt against. I am afraid that your reply above, if it was any form of apology, is not (by me) accepted as such.

You have crossed moral boundaries and I am repulsed! Again, this is not about "pussy-footing", although if your views are any indication of the path you would suggest toward a solution of this world problem, I am glad you are not in politics.


podcastpaul said...

You've taken me a bot out of context SWB.

I make it plain hat I hate the fundamentalists and extremists - they obviously twist and distort. In this context, yes I'm talking about the muslim extremists.

The same could go for Buddhist, Christian and Jewish extremists - topically however, Muslim extremists figure time ana time again.

I make absolutely NO apology for what I said about the vile twisted and peace hating fundamentilists (of any creed or religion) or use terror and death as the propogation of their message.

An elderly nun was murdered by some lunatic in Somalia - what sort of response is that? It's precisely the same idiotic response that fundamentalist Christians have in raising a banner that reads "God hates fags".

I hate bullies. I particularly hate cowardly charlatans that hide behind the veil of religion - and yes, in this instance it happens to be those that use "Muslim" as a label.

For anyone seeking to plough the message of death and terror, we should ALL be willing to stand up and be counted and simply say NO MORE.

I will sit at the table with any peace loving Christan, Jew, Muslim etc - I will actively shun any fundamentalist who uses violence in the name of any religion or group. I hope that anyone else reading this feels precisely the same.

In the British War Museum there is an inscripion above the Holocaust memorial - "All that is required for Evil to Succeed is for good men to do nothing..."

Bernadette from Australia said...

I guess you could have predicted you'd get an emotional reaction from at least some folks Paul.

I'll admit to thinking you were a bit extreme too. When you said "I hate that religion" I thought to myself that would be like me saying "I hate aboriginal people" because I was once violently mugged by an aboriginal person. As it happens I'm not particularly fond of that aboriginal person but I don't hate them all.

You did say that you understand it's not all of them but then you did say "I hate that religion" which implies that you're lumping them all in the one bucket.

I can kind of understand SWB being a little shocked but I've been listening to you for a couple of years now and I have a feeling that you don't really mean that you hate the whole religion.

I couldn't agree more that judgemental fundamentalists of any kind need to be fought at every opportunity. Whether that be the total pillock muslim leader you mentioned who 'celebrated' September 11 or the total pillock christian leader in the US who every year gives a sermon celebrating the actions of two of his flock who tortured and murdered a young gay man in their neighbourhood (he even takes up a collection to send them goodies in prison). Both of these blokes, and all the people in the world like them who think they have some god-given right to force other people to their will are to be fought by right thinking people everywhere.

I wholeheartedly agree that we ALL have to speak out and actively fight such people. Otherwise it will be another case of what Pastor Martin Niemöller wrote about...

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Keep up the good fight Paul

SWB said...

>> You've taken me a bot out of context SWB.

I have not taken you out of context, If I had the desire to do so, I would not discuss this on your web site. I would take it to any of the podcast forums where people would really have to dig to get the proper context. Anyone can listen, right here, to the original audio. I simply highlighted some of your statements. As it stands you provide precious little context in the original piece. Out of the 2 minutes of audio, you give only 3 short statements that contain any fact. The pope said something (you do not clarify what he said), Muslims around the world are upset (which you infuse with opinion by adding “Whoopetydoo”) and in Somalia an elderly nun gets killed. The latter is not yet positively linked to the prior. The rest are sweeping generalizations that I take offense to.

>> I make it plain hat I hate the fundamentalists and extremists - they obviously twist and distort. In this context, yes I'm talking about the muslim extremists.

You should not have talked in vague generalities because no matter what you THOUGHT you made plain, it sounded far different and you didn't make it clear AT ALL. You start out by saying that Muslims appear to answer everything with violence. That comes before you differentiating between moderates and extremists. So you have set your tone.

You only very briefly state the difference before reverting back to generalizations such as “I hate that religion” Am I to understand that there are somehow two Islamic religions and if so, which is the one that you hate so much? And do you hate the religion or do you hate the people that twists its meaning and claim violence in its name. You absolutely do not clarify!

Or how about: “Christians have a God of love, Muslims appear to have a God of hate”. Again, I ask, is this somehow related to only to violent individuals? If so, which group of Christians are you comparing against. I am sorry, but this is simply a generalized, false and INFLAMMATORY statement. You further dilute (at least in this written form) the matter by using the words fundamentalist and extremist interchangeably. They are not at all the same Paul. Matter of fact, the word fundamentalism has its roots in Protestant Christianity. It simply means living by the fundamentals of an ideology, be it a religious or secular one.

>> I make absolutely NO apology for what I said about the vile twisted and peace hating fundamentilists (of any creed or religion) or use terror and death as the propogation of their message.

You would not have to make an apology for wanting criminals to be held accountable for their actions. I feel the same way. I am however appalled and very much offended by the way you think you need to say it. It was obvious to me that you did not give the issue much thought, much less do any research. I consider your statements a disservice to the podcasting community. For this you also don't have to apologize, it is after all your podcast. However, it is entirely my choice to distance myself from opinion that I find is inflammatory toward a large group of the world's population.

Bernadette from Australia said...

Gee whizz SWB I'm glad I'm not your friend (you say you've enjoyed a great friendship with Paul over the last 2 years).

If I were you and Paul were my friend and he had offended me I would tackle him in private about it. I would also have the understanding that he was obviously feeling very emotional at the time he made the podcast and I would make allowances for the fact that he's done 133 other podcasts where he hasn't offended me and I would weigh up all of that before I jumped in boots and all and told him publicly how offensive he is.

And if I were you and Paul were my friend I'd try to look beyond the one emotional outbursts and think about what prompted it.

Is it frustration at the powerlessness he feels watching the world around him go to hell in a handbasket while the educated folks walk on eggshells in an effort not to be offensive to anyone?

I would, perhaps, think back to what I heard some of my friends say immediately after September 11 or the London bombings about what they would do to the muslim bastards because of what they've done to us and I would think "when they calm down they're going to regret some of the words they've chosen because I know this person and they're not really like that".

That's how we treat friends in my part of the world. You obviously do it differently in your neck of the woods. I prefer our way.

Anonymous said...

Podcast Paul for Prime Minister

Keep on going and we will keep on listening.



simontoon said...

Here are my thoughts...

colskee said...

* colskee enjoys following the controversy from the relative safety of 'the fence' *


podcastpaul said...

I think you'll find podcast #131 more controversial!


Nice to see you Col

Mike said...

Hi Paul,
Yours was the first ever podcast I have listened to, and I found it really interesting. I agree whole heartedly with your comments made on podcast 130, and am glad to see you stuck by your pun intended.
I look forward to listening to all your future the production values where fantastic,very professional!

Cheers Mike